Panda Swap Price Increased By 19.76%

Panda Swap, operating under the ticker symbol “PANDA”, represents a cryptocurrency that has recently marked its presence in the digital currency world. As of the latest data, Panda Swap trades at $0.01294, showing a significant daily increase of 19.82%.

How does Panda Swap perform in the market?

  1. Market Capitalization:
    • Panda Swap boasts a market cap of approximately $10,459,162, ranking it #1077 among cryptocurrencies.
  2. Volume Dynamics:
    • The 24-hour trading volume for Panda Swap stands at $1,623,306, achieving the rank of #836 in terms of trading volume.
    • The volume-to-market cap ratio over the last 24 hours is 15.61%, indicating a robust trading activity relative to its market size.
  3. Supply Details:
    • The circulating supply of Panda Swap is currently 807,994,351 PANDA, constituting about 90.90% of its total supply.
    • The total and maximum supply caps are set at 888,875,758 PANDA and 888,888,888 PANDA, respectively.

What is the fully diluted market cap of Panda Swap?

The fully diluted market cap of Panda Swap, assuming the maximum supply is in circulation, is projected to be around $11,506,309. This value provides an insight into the total market value of the cryptocurrency if all issued tokens are active.

How has Panda Swap’s recent performance impacted its valuation?

The significant daily increase of 19.82% in its price suggests a positive market sentiment and growing investor interest. Such a spike could be driven by recent developments, strategic partnerships, or market conditions favoring Panda Swap.

What potential does Panda Swap hold for investors?

Panda Swap’s performance metrics, including a healthy market cap and trading volume, alongside a nearly fully circulated supply, present it as a noteworthy contender in the cryptocurrency space. The currency’s ability to maintain a considerable percentage of its total supply in circulation underscores a sustained demand and limited inflationary risk.

Panda Swap, with its dynamic market presence and promising supply metrics, offers an intriguing opportunity for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. Tracking its ongoing market performance and developments will be key to understanding its future trajectory in the competitive crypto landscape.

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